Hydrating Gel

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Hydrating Gel
A wound bed that is kept moist and free from infection heals at a faster rate. Advanced skin care locks in wound moisture and partially protects the wound from outside pathogens. It also provides the wound bed with micronutrients that nourish damaged cells and promote healing.

Hydrating Gel

National Buruli Ulcer Cont Programme
Tracking Wound Healing With Gel Application- 2008.

Mycobacterium ulcerans grows under the skin undetected, until it causes the skin above it to die. This leaves a sizable lesion. Two months prior to treatment the six-year-old male subject underwent a skin graft on the left elbow joint that became infected and broke down resulting in a sizable ulcer on the patient's elbow.
Wound Hydrogel with Olivamine 10® provides a stable wound environment that promotes wound healing. This study sought to test the effectiveness of Wound Hydrogel ® in stabilizing and promoting the healing of ulceran induced wounds.
The patient's wounds were sterilized and then treated and dressed using Wound Hydrogel with Olivamine 10®. Patients continued to receive routine Hydrogel with Olivamine 10® treatments and the progression of wound healing was measured weekly using The Wound Measure Guide. 
The patient's wound became more stable and skin began to grow around the edges of the wound. The patient reported no pain before or after gel applications. The wound began to decrease in size and on the eleventh week of treatment was declared healed.

Week 0

Week 2

Week 4

Week 11